Women’s Land Army WW2

During the Second World War  the Women’s Land Army provided a vital role in working on the land across the United Kingdom. By 1944 some 80,000 women were working in agriculture as part of the Women’s Land Army and in fact remained in operation until 1950.

This photograph shows two members of the Women’s Land Army in typical work clothes, having worked on a haystack during the harvest on a farm in the Midlands during the late WW2 period.

There is an excellent Women’s Land Army website which supports a project to raise a memorial to this vital  and often forgotten part of the Second World War.


Welcome to Home Front WW2

I’ve started this blog as I’m beginning a new research project into the Home Front in Britain during WW2. Part of this project is a survey of Home Front locations in East Kent where I live but also I am starting work on a new series for BBC2 about Britain in WW2 and information on that will also appear on the blog.

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Paul Reed